Rebirthing 2000


Rebirthing was an installation developed in the context of the international artistic group Global Cultural Center (GCC). The primary goal of the group was to develop our own humanism so that through our artwork and lives we can stop the violence, helplessness and disharmony that is rampant in all of our countries. GCC organized a series of group exhibitions in different countries over ten years 2000-2010.

These exhibitions were conceived to generate dialogues among participants to call for collective understanding and to promote change.

Rebirthing consisted of a series of inner body images taken as part of different medical procedures enabling the transparency of skin, such as x-rays or echography. These images were then printed on thermal paper in which changes in temperature—like ink—determine the tones of the image. The prints were then scanned and printed again as a large-format translucent mural composition, acting here like the skin, being trespassed by the sun to evidence our vulnerability.


Rebirthing I & II
Thermal Photography on Translucent Photo Paper
257cm x 150cm


20cm x 18cm
Edition 1/3


 GCC Global Cultral Center_OSAKA, 2000