Nocturnidad y Alevosia Digital 2010


Seventeen artists make up the exhibition Nocturnidad y Aleviosa Digital. An exhibition of digital photographs and graphics. All the works are resolved in the uniform size of 90x90cm and interpret reality with digital traits to transmit fictive veracity.  

With the rapid developments in technology , photography has reclaimed its’ significant place within the visual and audiovisual spheres.

Digital graphics have grown- hand in hand with other digital productions. With these, discussion has grown with emphasis on the reproductivity and maniputaion of the ‘pure’ image versus its conservation. These topics have changed the way people view digital productions, bringing with them the promise of change between the object and subject of cult.

In this sense, photography and digital graphics situate themselves outside of pure recognition? Both visual forms have the notion of information in common. For this reason the assimilation of the digital medium is fundamental for the appreciation of current art.

Regardless, it is important to highlight that these new technologies are not only tools to print images and accommodate reality. This new medium situates us in a critical reflection of actuality and should be inspiration of innovative content that invites us to advance towards the liberty of electronic forms. The conception of new organisms and mental landscapes where the subjectivity and imitation action of the XXI century finds its best support and ally in virtuality.

The digital productions in this show contribute to a view of an abstract world and the influence of the new cognitive map of our mediatized culture.


Digital Photos
120cm x 90cm